The year 2017 has become extremely busy for ALIBRA SCHOOL. The company opened 7 new branches: Rechnoy Vokzal and Yuzhnaya in Moscow, Lermontovsky Prospekt and Myakinino in the Moscow Region, Leninsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, Azino 21 Century in Kazan and Tsentralnoye in Chelyabinsk. Thus, ALIBRA SCHOOL not only mastered new regions, but also expanded its network to 24 schools. To date, network branches are concentrated in 5 large cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Chelyabinsk.

The number of ALIBRA SCHOOL students exceeded 210,000, and the number of corporate clients increased to 2,500. They included representatives of small, medium and large businesses.

In May 2017, the official release of the new German language application using the author’s ALIBRA SCHOOL technique took place. Today the company is an in-house developer of 4 applications for studying vocabulary in English and German, which are used by more than 85,000 students.

During the year, 36 of our teachers improved their qualifications by successfully passing international exams and confirming the highest level of proficiency in English C2 (Proficiency). This corresponds to the level of an educated native speaker. In addition, some of the teachers successfully passed the TKT — a special Cambridge exam for teachers.

ALIBRA SCHOOL students in 2017 also showed excellent learning outcomes. More than 400 people successfully passed various Cambridge exams (YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers, KET, KET for schools, PET, PET for schools, FCE, FCE for schools, BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher), having received relevant international certificates. Among them were adults and children: the youngest students are only 5 years old!

The successes of ALIBRA SCHOOL in preparing students and teachers for passing international exams were evaluated among the Russian professional community. In December 2017, ALIBRA SCHOOL secured the status of «Expert in preparation for international exams», receiving the same name award from the Russian Schoolrate portal.

Traditionally, the increased interest of journalists in 2017 was riveted to the director and owner of ALIBRA SCHOOL, Anna Berkovich, who, together with the academic director of the school, Elena Krugloy, took part in live broadcasts on various radio stations. Anna and Elena visited Vladimir Solovyov on Vesti FM, and several times became the main characters of the programs on Silver Rain and Echo of Moscow.

In 2016, ALIBRA SCHOOL opened a new branch in Ekaterinburg: Chkalovskaya. The number of the school’s students in 2016 surpassed 170,000, and the number of positive reviews is constantly growing. Over the course of the year, the school’s graduates— both children and adults— successfully passed Cambridge examinations and received official certificates confirming their high level of language proficiency.

The company celebrated 16 years of activity by developing and launching new digital products on the market. First, two new products were added to ALIBRA’s line of mobile applications: two mobile applications for English study, ALIBRA Forward and ALIBRA Business. They supplemented the existing application, ALIBRA Sky. All the applications were developed based on the school’s proprietary methodology, using direct-association technology and the system of repetition intervals. The applications can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play store.

The interactive platform ALIBRA ONLINE was created as part of the transition into the blended learning format. Students can now use the online platform to gain unlimited access to all course materials, do homework and exercises, and keep track of their progress. The platform has free demo levels that are open to all who are interested.

In 2016, ALIBRA SCHOOL earned two awards. At the beginning of the year, at the 5th Moscow International Corporate Video Festival, our methodology video won the Best Corporate Video 2016 award in the category Best Informative Infographic. And in October, at the examination manager meeting organized by the University of Cambridge Department of Examinations, ALIBRA SCHOOL was awarded Best Debut 2015-2016.

In 2015, ALIBRA SCHOOL opened two new branches in Saint Petersburg: Prospekt Prosvescheniya and Pionerskaya. The number of the school’s students in 2015 surpassed 100,000, and the number of positive reviews continues to grow. In December, graduates successfully passed Cambridge examinations and received official certificates confirming their high level of language proficiency.

In summer the school celebrated its 15th anniversary, hosting celebrations for employees and students in all four cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, and Ekaterinburg. Many valuable gifts were given out, including gift certificates for courses.

The school’s anniversary coincided with two significant events. In June, the company updated its website, making it more convenient and improving the design. A new functionality was added: a schedule of conversation clubs and grammatical consultations can now be found on the website and students can register for any of these events online. The new website earned recognition and won the Golden Website 2015 award in the category Best Adult Educational Institution Website.

In August, ALIBRA SCHOOL released its first mobile application. It is called ALIBRA Sky and is designed for learning English vocabulary. The application automates two elements of the school’s unique methodology: associative word study and the system of repetition intervals. The application was released as a companion to the Skyrocket course, but can be used by everyone. ALIBRA Sky is free and available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

In 2014, ALIBRA SCHOOL opened a new branch in the historic center of Moscow, on New Arbat street.

The total number of students enrolled in the school reached 90 thousand by 2014.

A unique teaching method which allows language learning in only 5-8 months is being actively implemented. The Skyrocket course based on this method is very popular with students, and the number of positive reviews grows.

Chinese language courses were introduced. The program of study was developed by professional methodologists and ensured excellent results. Students are offered five levels of Chinese (for beginners from zero, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and business), as well as a specially developed children’s course.

In October 2014, ALIBRA SCHOOL received the title of Best Internal Centre 2013-2014 for international examinations, and was awarded a certificate confirming its high status.

In December 2014, our Kazan branches gained the right to officially administer Cambridge examinations. Now, anyone who wants to can take professional and general English examinations from the Cambridge line at ALIBRA SCHOOL in Kazan and receive an official certificate.

In 2013, ALIBRA SCHOOL opened two new branches: Krasnopresnenskaya in Moscow and Dekabristov in Kazan.

The total number of graduates surpassed 75 thousand.

In 2013, the school methodologists developed and implemented Skyrocket, a unique English course. It allows students to go from zero to an Upper-Intermediate level of grammatical knowledge in just 5-8 months.

At the same time, the range of Cambridge exam preparatory courses for adults and children was expanded. Preparatory courses were added for KET, YLE, PET, FCE, CAE, and TKT.

In 2012, we opened a school in Kazan. The total number of ALIBRA SCHOOL branches grew to 17 in the regions of Russia where the chain was present: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Kazan.

The total number of graduates reached 70 thousand.

A new platform of basic English courses based on ALIBRA SCHOOL’s proprietary methodology was introduced. A complete set of European-level materials was prepared. A range of English materials for all different language competency levels was developed.

Partner programs with leading educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France emerged. Through these partnerships, we offer a wide spectrum of programs abroad, from general and family to professional and business language courses, for all age ranges.

For students and adults: general, intensive, and exam preparation courses, lessons at a teacher’s home;

For specialists and corporate clients: professional and business courses, individual lessons;

For children: international language camps during school holidays;

For parents with children: family educational tours!

In 2011, the number of ALIBRA SCHOOL branches grew to 15. The total number of graduates was 65,285. The school’s methodologists developed a unique phonetic course which provided high-quality pronunciation. The Moscow branches introduced a new 4S four-stage testing system. At the same time, the ALIBRA SCHOOL brand published new English materials, including dictionaries and books with new exercises.

A turning point in the company’s history. The chain of foreign language schools underwent rebranding. The new name of the school had to include the full range of programs and languages offered. And so, in 2010, the company was re-branded into a new brand with deep roots: ALIBRA SCHOOL. New name, new opportunities!

This year saw big changes in the range of programs offered. New specialized business courses appeared. The school added preparatory programs for international examinations to its arsenal. New languages were offered: French, Spanish, and Italian.

New branches opened in Kazan and Ekaterinburg. Now a European level of service and high quality of education using unique technologies was available not just in major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also in large regional centers of Russia.

The company’s headquarters moved to Moscow. The methodological board was expanded, and began actively working on adapting and introducing various innovations from Western and Russian methodologies into the learning process. The uniqueness of the methodology attracted more and more new students, and the large number of graduates guaranteed and proved that it was being implemented effectively.

The first Moscow branch of the school opened. At the same time, the school began to operate its own methodological board. While the methodologists worked on refining the curriculum, a unique atmosphere of creativity and ease of communication was springing up in the hallways and classrooms of ALIBRA SCHOOL. This unique atmosphere is what attracted students to the new school in the very heart of the capital.

Our first foreign language school opened in Saint Petersburg. The school was the only one in Russia that used this new, original, and unique method. From the very first day, students noted the highly effective presentation and European level of service.